The ember factory

The purpose of this application is to (re)produce burning ember diagrams of the style used in IPCC reports. The code is open-source. More information.


SRCCL example The application makes graphics by taking data from specifically formatted Excel sheets. Examples and information on the input format are provided in the Tutorial. As a starting point, you may download the 'SRCCL example'. It is based on tables published in the supplementary material of IPCC's Special Report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL).

Examples can be used to test the application and as templates to provide your own data. To make graphs, follow the simple procedure shown below.

Feedback is welcome, including about possible additional features and layout or other issues that you may experience.

Ember graph production

To start, upload your data here (first select the file, then upload and process):

Ember colours:

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(Main version: 1.8.2; ember drawing code version [embermaker]: 1.8.2).