The object of is to host open-source software related to climate research.

The Ember Factory

The purpose of this application is to (re)produce burning ember diagrams of the style used in IPCC reports. The Ember Factory takes standardised Excel sheets describing color transitions as input. It produces quality figures in PDF format. Obtained figures are editable with vector-drawing software if needed. Excel sheets may include a set of parameters describing the layout of figures so as to minimise the need for editing and to enable quick production of a new figure when risk-related data is updated.

A short summary of changes to the application is provided here.


No maintenance is planned for the moment.

Other applications

There are two applications in development. News should come before the end of 2023. One of these apps may help if you are creating new embers. For information, see e-mail at the bottom of this page.

The "ember drawing" part of the EmberFactory will become available as a separate library/API in September or October 2023. Development is in progress, as shown here.

About this website

This website was created to host application(s) related to climate change research in an independent way with limited burden (out of commercial platforms, without tracking users in any way, and with open-source tools). If you need to host such a (relatively light-weight) application and look for a server, you may contact for possible cooperation. Evidently, we cannot make any promise before analysing potential suggestions. Some information on how the current app works is provided here.